Google Reputation Score | Tranquility Health and Beauty

The Client

Tranquility is a clinic offering a variety of health & beauty services. They wanted to achieve an outstanding 5-star online reputation but could not quite figure out just how to do it.


Achieve a 5-star online reputation.


Clickynet offered to help Tranquility achieve their 5-star reputation online and to market their reputation in order to get more customers!

To achieve this objective, the Clickynet team deployed a dynamically innovative suite of reputation marketing strategies. Our multi-pronged approach includes:

  1. Creating a process that monitors, tracks, and reviews Tranquility's online review sites on a daily basis.
  2. Setting up a protocol that notifies the company when bad reviews are posted.
  3. Developing a positive alert protocol that notifies the company about any 5-star reviews posted online so that they can follow up with the reviewer for a possible referral.
  4. Implementing our customer feedback strategy for the purpose of collecting both good and bad reviews from Tranquility's customers.
  5. Filtering bad reviews in order to allow Tranquility's customer service team to handle complaints internally, decreasing the chances of negative feedback from going online which would have otherwise lowered Tranquility's overall reputation score while displaying more positive reviews at the top of their online review sites.
  6. Providing a variety of convenient ways for customers who have positive feedback about the business to share their reviews online, thereby averaging up Tranquility's aggregated online reputation score.
  7. Showcasing all the 5-star reviews obtained online on their website and social media pages, allowing as many people as possible to read their 5-star reviews, increasing the likelihood of converting their visitors into customers.


Clickynet was able to achieve the following results:

  1. Transformed their negligible online reputation score at the beginning of the campaign to to an aggregated 5-STAR online reputation score in a month's time, thus achieving the client's desire to secure an outstanding 5-star online reputation.
  2. Provided valuable insight from customers collected from our customer feedback system.
  3. Marketed 5-star reviews collected throughout the duration of the campaign on Tranquility's website and social media pages that garnered a significant amount of views and likes, thus enhancing Tranquility's outstanding track record of customer satisfaction and positive customer experience.

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