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The Client

Virtual Office Solutions (VOS) provides typing, document formatting, and academic transcription services. VOS contracted Clickynet to revamp their outdated website.


Deliver a revamped website with the following qualities:

  • Modern look & feel
  • Easy navigation
  • Safe & secure online shop
  • SEO-optimised
  • Renders perfectly on major browsers, operating systems and mobile devices


Brainstorming Session

Our project management & creative design team sat down with the client to understand the nature of her business, gain insight on her vision and to jot down her wish list for the new website.

Graphic Design

Our in-house graphic designer presented multiple design studies and worked closely with the client in tweaking the design until we arrived at a final version that all parties were satisfied with.

Web Development

Approved design study was then handed off to our web development team who allocated resources on Clickynet’s development server to convert the design files into HTML/CSS running on a Wordpress platform.

The team likewise started to build the client’s online shopping page, installed standard e-commerce safety and security features, and integrated the client’s preferred payment gateway in the checkout page.

SEO On-Page Optimisation

Our SEO Specialist provided guidance to both the client and development team in implementing the right mix of meta-keywords as well as other SEO-friendly on-page optimisation techniques aimed at increasing the likelihood of achieving favorable online search rankings.

Quality Assurance

The team conducted an extensive QA protocol to ensure that (1) the new website loaded fast; (2) all features performed as they were supposed to; and that (3) it rendered seamlessly on major browsers, operating systems and mobile devices.

Website Migration & Launch

Once the website passed the initial QA testing phase and the client was happy with the results, the team got to work on transferring the website to the client’s own domain. Upon which, another round of QA tests was performed before the website was reintroduced!

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